Minimum impact, maximum returns

Minimum impact, maximum returns


Facilities are selected based on the quality of water, a relevant factor in the final taste and texture of the product.

To achieve RiverFresh's environmental, animal welfare and production objectives, our facilities engage in processes of continuous improvement, implementing the latest advances available in the sector.

Noteworthy initiatives in this respect include the use of drum filters and biological filters to condition spill water, returning it to rivers in the same state in which it is received.


España - Instalaciones

1. Bobadilla (La Rioja)
2. Viguera (La Rioja)
3. Cañete (Cuenca)
5. Torrebaja (Valencia)

Próximas aperturas:
4. El Cuervo (Teruel)

Location and contact

RiverFresh is the pioneering fish-farming group in Spain in the use of biological biofilters

Biofiltration is a biological process used for the treatment of organic compounds, mainly nitrogen. Many alternatives in aquaculture need to be adapted to the specific characteristics of each facility, one characteristic element being the use of a substrate for introducing bacteria that cause degradation. RiverFresh uses large plastic bio-elements to achieve maximum yields for the targeted volume.


“Ensuring that the value chain is completely satisfied is guaranteed because we take care of the whole breeding process, from egg to commercialization”

  • The climatological conditions and the great flow that provide the carefully selected rivers of each fish farm, guarantee a stable production during all the months of the year. Added to the efficient work of the team shortening all the processes, it allows us to offer trout with the maximum freshness at any time and any place in Europe.
  • Processing facilities have all the technology and machinery necessary to provide total flexibility to the process and adapt our catalog to the specifications of our customers.